A Night at The Colosseum - Saturday 14th May

Tuesday 24th May 2016

Louise O'Halloran, Director of Juno Moneta Wealth Ltd, created back in the November of 2015 - a committee of six brilliant people to discuss the possibility of putting together Juno Moneta's vision of an event that would bring friends, family, colleagues, clients and inspirational individuals together with the aim of not only making a difference in the here and now, but in the long term to three amazing charities.

Channelling all the skills, talent, passion and enthusiasm that sat in the board room that day, they finalised the idea for a Roman themed evening, delivering opulence, grandeur, entertainment and decadence that would to blow our generous donators and guests away.

Juno Moneta Wealth were proud to sponsor such an amazing event for:

Alzheimer's Research UK
Alzheimer's Research UK is the UK's leading dementia research charity. They power world class studies that give us the best chance of beating dementia sooner. Their scientists' ground-breaking work focuses on prevention, treatment and cure.
In the UK more than 850,000 people are currently living with dementia. Worldwide the figure stands at more than 44 million.
There is no cure for dementia. While some treatments can help people to live with their symptoms a little better, there are no treatments that slow or stop diseases like Alzheimer's.
Because Alzheimer's Research UK receives no government funding, the charity is completely dependent on the generosity of supporters to fund its research programme. Thanks to you, Alzheimer's Research UK is leading the fightback by supporting dementia research projects worth over £33 million in leading universities across the UK.

Every year, 18,000 people are diagnosed with cancer in Wales, facing tough questions, exhausting treatment and difficult emotions that can range from anxiety to loneliness and isolation. These challenges affect not only those with cancer, but their family and friends, too.
Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff sees around 5,000 new diagnoses a year, with a further 50,000 new outpatient appointments from people living with or after cancer within the South Wales cancer network. The largest cancer centre in the country, it provides specialist cancer services to over 1.5 million people in Cardiff, Newport and beyond.

Maggie's and Velindre Cancer Centre are working in partnership to create cancer support of the highest quality for people in South East Wales, building upon the success of Maggie's South West Wales at Singleton Hospital in Swansea.
Once established, Maggie's South East Wales is expected to receive up to 20,000 visits a year.

Juno Moneta Foundation
The Juno Moneta Foundation has been established to help individuals and families that find themselves in vulnerable situations
When a person is suffering from an illness that is critical or potentially life limiting which directly results in their financial hardship, it is our objective to try to do everything we can to help overcome such financial burdens.
The Juno Moneta Foundation achieves this through a means assessed grant that can be paid for up to six months
The Juno Moneta Foundation can assist with:

  • Payments towards education costs such as tuition fees
  • Household bills
  • Treatment related costs e.g. transport to hospital
  • Making sure the individual and their families have food
  • Vehicle payments
  • Insurance payments

If you would like to get in touch with Alzheimers Research UK, Maggie's or The Juno Moneta Foundation, please see the below links to their respective websites.

On behalf of Louise O'Halloran, Sian Kosinski, Gwen Axford, Chris Case, Steph Davies and Richie Jones we would like to say a huge thank you to all of the contributors, donators and attendees - we look forward to seeing you at the same place, same time, next year.